Thresholds / Umbrales

There were twelve in the Cenacle.
Some of them thinner-faced
others arguing among dreams
the apexes of the local vernacular

Without any remnant of oracle
their eyes sparkled as owners
of the twilight glow of reveries
embodied in the magic of a verse

There ended the gazebo of fancies,
of words written in the return
of what was a sea of ​​gibberish.

Forging on light and sweat the setting
of what far from a pleasant evening
turned the writer into his final frontier.
Había doce en el Cenáculo
algunos con rostros cenceños
otros discutiendo entre sueños
los ápices del lenguaje vernáculo

Sin ningún retazo de oráculo
sus ojos rutilaban como dueños
del brillo crepuscular de los ensueños
plasmados en la magia de un versículo

Allá terminó el mirador de fantasías,
de palabras escritas en el retorno
de lo que fue un mar de galimatías

Forjando con luz y sudor el entorno
de lo que lejos de ser una noche placentera
convirtió al escritor en su ultima frontera.

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

Paper boats / Barcos de papel

Who cares that love is fleeting
when the roses too die young?
Today came to terms with the wind
and became wind upon your body,
drinking all of your elixir in one gulp,
in unison with you, constant, unerring,
in the breathless whisper of your voice
crossing heaven and earth, tremulously
under a shower of vivid orange blossoms
delighting the palate in their intensity,
because the souls are also fleeting
as paper boats among the waves
moving smoothly and unhurriedly
like flowers kissing on the swaying
of two worlds, where the moon shone…
¿Que importa que el amor sea fugaz
cuando las rosas también mueren jóvenes?
Hoy llegué a un acuerdo con el viento
y me convertí en viento sobre tu cuerpo
bebiéndome todo tu elixir de un sorbo
al unisono contigo, constante, infalible
en el jadeante murmullo de tu voz
Cruzando cielo y tierra, trémulamente
bajo una lluvia de vívidos azahares
deleitando el paladar en su intensidad
porque las almas son también fugaces
como barcos de papel entre las olas
moviéndonos suavemente y sin prisa
como flores que se besan en el vaivén
de dos mundos, en donde la luna brilló…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

Life is emptying / La vida se va vaciando

I have no magical worlds.
Only the poet can see them
far beyond my mysteries,
and drink the murky water of soul.

I have no reproaches
just hurry to reach death,
that is nothing more simple
than time disguised as a rose.

I have no empty spaces,
and maybe now I do not care.
I searched for air inside the lost
where the sorrows are transient.

I have no desire to be valiant
to conquer a thousand worlds in vain.
I walk without reproaching life on a tear
filling with poetry its empty spaces…

No me quedan mundos mágicos,
Solo el poeta puede verlos
mas allá de mis misterios,
y beber el agua turbia del alma.

No me quedan reproches
solo prisa por llegar a la muerte,
que no es otra cosa mas simple
que el tiempo disfrazado de rosa.

No me quedan espacios vacuos,
y tal vez ahora no me importe.
Yo busqué aire adentro de lo perdido
en donde las dolores son fugaces.

No me quedan ganas de ser valiente
para conquistar mil mundos en vano.
Yo camino sin reprochar la vida en una lagrima
llenando de poesía sus espacios vacíos…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013
La vida

Abstractions / Abstracciones

I will conquer your mind
under the spell of my word,
the limpid reflection of your soul
that I can’t resist or decipher,
greeting you with discretion
in the calm passage of life,
and while no one sees us
I will throw a kiss to your lips,
beyond on your distant land,
and while you’re blushing
with the soul leaning in your eyes,
we will get lost in the void,
under the blue sky I painted
at the undulating trace of my verses …
Voy a conquistar tu mente
bajo el hechizo de mi palabra,
el reflejo límpido de tu alma
que yo no resisto o descifro,
saludándote con discreción
en el calmado paso de la vida,
y mientras nadie nos vea
lanzaré un beso a tus labios,
allá sobre tu lejano suelo,
y mientras te vas sonrojando
con el alma asomada en tu mirada,
nos perderemos en ese vacío,
bajo el cielo azulado que pinté
en el ondulante trazo de mis versos…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

Illusions or delusions? The Light Stokers

We live this duality of the Self and the Shell. Body is an illusion that we tend to enjoy, yet at times weights an entire world…this leads to the most amazing situations in our path. We can’t scape the synchronicity of the Universe, so we see those perceptions from fear…

We fear feelings, we fear emotions and that doesn’t allow us to see clearly our own path nor properly embrace and interpret what we clearly perceive. One day perhaps we’ll be ready to fully embrace that gift and detach from this illusion….

The laws of the Universe are indeed simple but we make them look complex….

The Light Stokers 

Forge of indigo minds in a limbo,
So much confusion of light from all directions,
Awakening from the root, uprooted from their origins,
A time is rising made of all things. 

Muddy swirl gathered from storms,
Never mind, everyone is looking for truth

Following a path that leads away from everything,

Sinking deeper into their darkness.

Answers without reason shine exalted
And a hungry crowd was drowned in gluttony,
As the wind was making with illuminated leaves,
Heading off anguish, fear and torment…

With eyes open in the duality of dew and time,
Caught on the foliage of hawthorns and dungs,
Always lurking for all that is brilliant but is not gold,
As their souls seek some redemption…

Always hunting an endless spiral,
Stokers of an extinguished light since the ancients,
Ensuring the renaissance of the Originals,
Thirsty in their essence for they are true!

Gavriel Navarro© 2011