My latest book: A Shaman’s Journey Revealed Through Poetry

So here it is after all the struggle – “A Shaman’s Journey Revealed Through Poetry” – Available in Amazon and Amazon Europe. I hope you find this book enlightening and that you live it up as your own journey! We all have a gift waiting to be revealed but is up to you to unravel the mysteries awaiting for you. The human revolution starts from within!


Soon to be released!

Today I want to make a new announcement! Work on my third volume of poetry “Reflections on the Mirror: Journey to the Depths of the Self” is moving fast and I already have a cover. Also the poetry works are completed and its going to be from now on just minor details and design issues to send it to press! Here is the final art of the Book cover.
cover Eng

Also work on my first book translation to Japanese is nearly concluded and will be available really soon! Here is the cover work for that Volume!