Fall illusions / Ilusiones de Otoño

A leaf poured
shouting for
a shift…
then two,
crunching under my feet
fresh plant flesh,
drifting in a walk
and from afar
a lady bug in black
in a late downpour,
beneath the chant
of bell crickets
and exotic aromas
at the end of a cycle.

Shall be the land for my chest?
or I will simply walk
one by one
this paper paradox
around the sun,
distant gurgling
looking south,
then two
or three
nothing is left, and
Life decided to move,
and all for a leaf
that crossed my path
bringing autumn to my mind…


Una hoja se vierte
llamando a gritos
un cambio…
luego dos,
cruje bajo mis pies
la carne vegetal fresca,
a la deriva en un paseo

y a lo lejos
una mariquita de negro
en un aguacero tardío,
bajo el canto
de grillos
y aromas exóticos
al final de un ciclo.

¿Sera la tierra para mi pecho?
o sencillamente caminaré,
una a una,
esta paradoja de papel
alrededor del sol,
de gorgoteos lejanos
mirando al sur,
luego dos
o tres
no queda nada, y
la vida decidió moverse,
todo por una hoja
que se cruzó en mi camino
trayendo al otoño en mi mente…

Gavriel Navarro© 2014

Autumm lies

Bell crickets at the toilet

I went to have dinner on my favorite sushi restaurant here in Yokohama. I must admit I am still drunk, however I want to share with you a short story. When I got in I was received by the sweet sound of nature. The music was spiced by the harmonious chanting of Bell crickets all alone. I had a wondrous dinner and a great deal of sake, still that sound was bringing back to my head great memories of my past, in the time I spent in the Amazons….funny thing is, when I went to the toilet the sound was amplified by a thousand and I kind of freak out and ask my friend Wataru san, who is the son of the owner, what was wrong. He replayed to me in his gentle Japanese “Suzumushi!” I could only give him a bewildered face in awe, and the rest came from my phone translator telling me “Bell Crickets” and this video of what Wataru showed me at the toilet!
Please notice that I really enjoyed this experience as I had a wonderful dinner with the sounds of Stillness!