Apathetic shiver / Escalofrío apático

Winds of chance
under a tepid heart,
life opened its bosom
to a sad void
of fleeting stories
with dark faces,
wandering thoughts
dissolved into shade
and cinders lurking,
into the freezing dusk
of an infinite white,
welcome to your veil
invoking at the cusp
the advent of the Winter!
Vientos de azares
bajo un tibio corazón,
la vida abrió su seno
a un triste vacío
de historias fugaces
con caras oscuras,
vagando ideas
deshechas en sombra
y cenizas al acecho,
al gélido crepúsculo
de un blanco infinito,
bienvenido tu velo
invocando en la cúspide
el advenimiento del Invierno!

Gavriel Navarro© 2014
 Gelid Apatic

2 thoughts on “Apathetic shiver / Escalofrío apático

  1. Amazing as always Gav. I love to read your poetry and the photos you put together with it. Speaks deeply to my soul. Love, Sheri

  2. Reblogged this on Poetic Quills. and commented:
    I totally love Gavriel’s writing…

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