Sow me amid clouds / Siémbrame entre nubes

Howling into the darkness
a voice of light, impetus
leading to an ephemeral
heaven . Oh, that light
among vague memories
that fails to give birth
into a new age!
Luminous sound
in a sailing boat,
traveling luminaire…
Sow me amid clouds
lest I miss the Sun,
so I can embrace
the light of my destiny…
Aúlla en la oscuridad
una voz de luz, ímpetu
conduciendo a un cielo
efímero. Oh, aquella luz
entre vagos recuerdos
que no termina de parir
a una nueva era!
Sonido luminoso
en un barco de vela,
luminaria viajera…
Siémbrame entre nubes
para que no me falte el Sol,
y así poder abrazar
la luz de mi destino…

Gavriel Navarro© 2014
Sow me on the clouds

8 thoughts on “Sow me amid clouds / Siémbrame entre nubes

  1. marcus says:

    Sir Gavriel
    always a delight to read and brilliantly done as usual. (((Awhoooo)))

  2. This piece struck me, especially the brilliance, both in word and strategy, of the last four lines.

  3. I am inspired, with your permission, to glosa-dance with those last four lines to see what appears.

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