Amusing Chords / Acordes divertidos

As my my footsteps move forward
I’m closing distances with the end
by joining my inconclusive pictures
that clarify the doubts of my purpose.

I seek not mythologizing what I don’t know
nor certifying the vertigo of uncertainty.
Life is resolved into the mirage
of silence, during a light stroke!

The quest for a blast of inspiration
begins far beyond my dreams,
beside the morning wind that I am,

finding the answers into that oblivion
that barely awakens when I call,
because after all, I am a unique time!

A medida que avanzan mis pasos
voy acortando distancia hasta el final
al ir uniendo imágenes inconclusas
que aclaran las dudas de mi propósito

No busco mitificar lo que no entiendo
o certificar el vértigo de la incertidumbre.
La vida se resuelve en el espejismo
del silencio, durante un golpe de luz!

La búsqueda de una ráfaga de inspiración
comienza mas allá de mis sueños,
junto al viento matutino que soy,

encontrando respuestas en el olvido
que apenas despierta cuando lo llamo,
porque después de todo, Yo soy una única vez!

Gavriel Navarro© 2014
Shaman Quest

5 thoughts on “Amusing Chords / Acordes divertidos

  1. marcus says:

    Damn Gabriel. That was beautiful. HATFM.

    was thinking of you. I hope you have been finding peace from your recent loss.
    Here’s to sunny days and cool breezes.

    • Thank you Marcus, peace is a beautiful illusion 😉 here we have the worst snow storm in many years as I never seen! Wherever you are sounds like the place I rather be right now 🙂

      • marcus says:

        An illusion? Peace? I would hope that with love of life it can be reached. with faith that we can have peace within ourselves. with charity, giving unselfishly peace can be achieved.
        Now, we just have to get politicians to follow those ideals…

        No snow here in BC. It has been cool but still wonderful.
        Enjoy the snow my friend, it’s a lovely gift. At least I think so 🙂

      • Gavriel, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, which is basically a recognition by one or more of your peers that you do great work. You are under no obligation to accept. I won’t be hurt in the least. But if you’re interested, please see my blog post this week to learn how to participate:

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