Where did you go? / A donde Fuiste?

I do not know how to say goodbye…

Where did you go, where did you go?
End and beginning, always austerity
Never unhappy, living the hope
Trying to leave behind fatigue

Trying to catch the undreamt
On top of a shiny gray cloud!

Happiness ahead, always acrostic
Enchanting in words and code
Avid for the absence of justice
Variables in this vast illusion
Entitled by your sweet pensive ghost
Not aware that the destination is heaven…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

With a tear I write this words for you Bud Silvernail, travel well the beyond my friend….
No sé cómo decir adiós…

A donde fuiste, a donde fuiste?
Final y principio, siempre austeridad
Nunca triste, viviendo la esperanza
Intentando dejar atrás al cansancio

Intentando atrapar lo no soñado
Sobre una nube gris brillante

Felicidad adelante, siempre acróstica
encantando con palabras y código
ávido por la ausencia de justicia
variable en esta gran ilusión
intitulado por tu dulce fantasma pensativo
sin saber que tu destino es el cielo…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

Con una lagrima escribo estas palabras para Bud Silvernail, viaja bien el mas allá amigo…

11 thoughts on “Where did you go? / A donde Fuiste?

  1. It seems we are destined to suffer loss! The peace is in knowing we will meet again.

  2. There could be no better honour for Bud than to write him an acrostic. A lovely tribute!

  3. Yoshiko says:

    Heaven destination 🙂


  4. b.l. ronan says:

    Hugs to you sweet. X

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