Harlequin of heaven / Arlequín del cielo

Do not laugh at me, golden Harlequin
that life sounds a little bit like stone
sometimes dissonant, others less so
concave as the absence of soul.

Winter arrives almost in a whisper
while no one recognizes my face
although I tended to sing loudly
Hanging in the curl of a red cloud.

Why do you leave so soon?
I do not want to ask, I do not want
It’s cold as you depart gloomy…

and maybe you go to rest, I think,
while I tremble and fall to the farewell
leaving a smile on the depth of heaven…
No te rías de mi, dorado Arlequín
que la vida suena un tanto a piedra,
a veces disonantes, otras no tanto
cóncavas como la ausencia de alma.

El invierno casi llega en un susurro
mientras nadie reconoce mi rostro
aunque yo cante a grito tendido
colgado en el rizo de una nube roja.

Por que te marchas tan pronto?
no quiero preguntarte, no quiero,
Hace frio y te vas melancólico!

y tal vez vayas a descansar, eso creo,
mientras tiemblo y caigo a la despedida
dejando una sonrisa en la profundidad del cielo…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013
harlequin with guitar – 1918
by Pablo Picasso

harlequin with guitar - 1918  Pablo Picasso

harlequin with guitar – 1918
Pablo Picasso

2 thoughts on “Harlequin of heaven / Arlequín del cielo

  1. No one is laughing. Many are listening with the feeling of having heard something they knew once, long ago.

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