The Calling / La Llamada

I called. You looked.
We collided as delta
and turned to silence
to get back our breath.

I inhaled. You exhaled.
We broke with the abyss
of two strangers confused
flowing abstract and livid.

I touched. You punched.
Oblivious of permanency,
we rushed to the senses
to revive the source.

I looked. You called.
We emerged of foam
in parallel bodies
emptied of love…
Yo llamé. Tu miraste.
Colisionamos cual delta
y volteamos a el silencio
para devolvernos el aliento.

Yo inhalé. Tu exhalaste.
rompimos con el abismo
de dos extraños confundidos
que fluyen abstractos y lívidos.

Yo toqué. Tu golpeaste.
ajenos de la permanencia
nos lanzamos a los sentidos
para revivir el origen.

Yo miré. Tu llamaste.
Emergimos de la espuma
en cuerpos paralelos
vacíos de amor…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013
Two bodies

3 thoughts on “The Calling / La Llamada

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Great poem, though Gavriel I love, love those flowers 🙂

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