Gradually the night… / Paulatina la noche….

I am nothing and                 All upon your body

unapologetic,                diaphanous nakedness,

spining tightly                    foreseeing your lips

to the return of night             floating in the air

that deepens                      fugitive inside you

and I’m fallen,             annihilated without lies

blurred lightning               anxious to have you

when I rush in               like a wolf of the Moon

howling serene                on your white curves

set into stillness      and the prison of your skin

among shades and vertigo,        mythical elixir

secret desire                   guided by your scent

and my eyes sip       on the shores of your soul

captives of the abyss,       before the beginning

that occurs in the end,              while your sigh

into a dream between us,                gradually…


Nada soy y                   Soy todo sobre tu cuerpo

sin arrepentimientos,              diáfana desnudez,

girando con fuerza           presintiendo tus labios

al retorno de la noche,            flotando en el aire

que se ahonda                     fugitivo dentro de ti.

y soy caído,                    aniquilado sin mentiras

relámpago confuso                 ansioso de tenerte

cuando me precipito               como lobo de luna

aullando sereno            sobre tus curvas blancas

ajustado a la quietud         y la prisión de tu piel

entre sombras y vértigo,               el elixir mítico

deseo secreto                    guiado por tu aroma

y mis ojos sorben            en la ribera de tu alma

cautivos de el abismo,           antes del comienzo

que acontece al final,           mientras tu suspiras

6 thoughts on “Gradually the night… / Paulatina la noche….

  1. In that your recent poems may be read in three different ways, I detect the symbolic significance of the number three. When read, with that in mind, new meanings emerge.

  2. j4n says:

    Dear Gavriel, perhaps there will be more of these, but this one
    is perfectly expressive, and more so, exquisite.

  3. debarnes says:

    Brother – It really is fine fine writing Gav – I have only seen someyhing similarly done – but with differences – Like left side a poem right side another – howevr not exacutted as magnifinctly as yor masterful work..
    that’s going back Gavriel arounf 1978 – I did 2 way back then, but didn’t have the time not patience what with the site and Daniel – I was extremely wrpped when I saw you had dont it as no one I know at all has attempted this for of poetry- and it is damn fine poetry – My Hats off Broth’ you’ve done it grandly .. lovu mate David – debarnes 11:00pm perth au

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