Diurnal dancer / Bailarina diurna

Diurnal water,                         hesitant dancer

the smoothest note,             neglected howling

indefinite serpent,           in the the bitter wind.

Transient crystal,            clarity in the shadows

Art thou quiet water,                      frost or ice?

I am no longer sleepless….                  Leave it!

You are jar in times of light,                   innate

Sliding on your path,         alone and neglected

ethereal humid path,     do not ignore my gaze

I’m faceless shadow…       I’m your reflections!

And you’re crystalline           on my thirsty lips

while I sit in your eyes…           without asking.

And now that I found you,                     closer,

fleeting and brilliant,             endlessly rocking

as the stones in my mind           with no return

Soft and smooth,                     Alborada that is

lost,         between your voice and my silence…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

Diurnal Dancer

Agua diurna,                            bailarina vacilante

la más suave nota,                      aullido ignorada

serpiente indefinida,           en el viento enconada.

Cristal transitorio,            claridad en las sombras

¿Eres tu agua mansa,                   helada o hielo?

Ya no me desvelo….                              déjaselo!

Eres tinaja en tiempos de luz,                   innata

deslizante en tu rumbo,           ignorada y a solas

etéreo cauce húmedo,         no ignores mi mirada

yo soy sombra sin rostro…          Soy tus reflejos!

Y tu eres cristalina            en la sed de mis labios

mientras me poso en tus ojos…       sin preguntar.

Y ahora que di contigo,                          cercana,

fugaz y fulgurante,                     vaivén sin parar

como las piedras en mi mente            sin retorno

Suave y tersa,                                     Alborada

que se pierde,            entre tu voz y mi silencio…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

Bailarina diurna

9 thoughts on “Diurnal dancer / Bailarina diurna

  1. What a lovely journey of words…. ❤

  2. She is telling you something, Gavriel. Just open your heart and her words will flow to you.

    • This poem came after the second encounter with her dear Norm. It is a privilege I acknowledge and will go there again tomorrow with open heart and fearless… 🙂

  3. Mikels Skele says:

    You’ve left me dizzy once again. Quizás este barco tiene fugas.

    • I feel she is trying to tell me something Mikels, as for the poem, was something that came out of the experience. Two days in a row, two different faces in the water capture. Today I am going back with other cameras and intention to explore this poetic form further!

  4. Simply beautiful image and masterful poem … Water speaks, listen with love!

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