Today in April / Hoy en Abril

Today I was surprised by Spring
with open arms, as one who feels
the sudden arrival of a gentle zephyr
extolling the soft heat of the scenery.

Today April knocks at my door and grins
bringing joy to the sadness of my soul
with the faint scent of early flowers
on a solitary cloud muddying the sky.

Today I left behind my gelid dreams
against a horizon, not as pale and cold
opening my windows to the vernal wind
in this afternoon sieved through love.

Today I take you in my chest with pride
surprised by your soul, constant and naked
because April is no longer a stranger
or a passing dream that is here to stay.
Hoy me sorprendió la Primavera
con brazos abiertos, como quien siente
la llegada abrupta de un céfiro gentil
exaltando el suave calor del paisaje.

Hoy Abril toca a mi puerta y sonríe
trayendo alegría a la tristeza de mi alma
con el aroma tenue de flores tempranas
sobre una nube solitaria enturbiando al cielo.

Hoy dejé atrás a mis sueños gélidos
frente a un horizonte, no tan pálido y frio
abriendo mis ventanas al viento vernal
en esta tarde tamizada por el amor.

Hoy te llevo con orgullo en mi pecho
sorprendido por tu alma, constante y desnuda
porque Abril ya no es un desconocido
o un sueño pasajero que llegó para quedarse.

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

Navarrette Quatrains
Today in April

4 thoughts on “Today in April / Hoy en Abril

  1. nwwphd says:

    I think you have caught that essence many of us have longed for after a long winter. The thaw is always welcome.

  2. Mikels Skele says:

    Earth is the best mother after all!

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