Your petals have fallen / Tus pétalos han caído

Some memories are lighthouses in the night,
others fall transient into the ocean of oblivion.
Woe to that strange Queen of love affairs!
Now more than ever you will feel the pain,
of insomnia and rancor folding your flight
and you will pass into history as shooting star
lost in the frigid landscapes of the Antarctica.
This is how you put an ending to your empire,
without lights or shadows in a dark world
and your conscience flooded with consolation.
Today your veils dropped tranquil on the lake
without a trace, in the silence of its ripples,
and deep down, stealthy, your petals have fallen,
so deep … so empty … shivering the waves.
Algunos recuerdos son faros en la noche
otros caen transitorios al océano del olvido.
¡Ay de aquella Reina de los raros amores!
ahora mas que nunca sentirás los dolores,
del insomnio y el rencor abatiendo tu vuelo
y pasaras a la historia como estrella fugaz
perdida en el frígido paisaje de la Antártica.
Fue así como pusiste un final a tu imperio,
sin luces o sombras en un mundo oscuro,
y tu conciencia inundada con el consuelo.
Hoy cayeron tranquilos tus velos en el lago
sin dejar rastro, en el mutismo de sus ondas,
y en el fondo, sigilosos, tus pétalos han caído,
tan hondos…tan vacíos…tiritando las ondas.

Gavriel Navarro© 2013
your petals

3 thoughts on “Your petals have fallen / Tus pétalos han caído

  1. May not one of mine ever fall into oblivion. For today I rediscovered the tremendous value of my garden of memories…

    • Like all good things dear Sheri, that photo will be all what is left of that moment of perfection in a couple of days and then will be gone…and that is what the Garden is there to remind us about, a moment frozen on time, an emotion recreated over and over….

  2. lovely /
    the metaphors you use are so lucid..
    keep writing dude..
    What about the one about Kolkata?

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