I don’t care / No me importa

(Navarrette Quatrains)
Today you have covered the face
into a plume of gray pride
to conceal without bitterness
the transfiguration of your soul

Today you leave as your footprints
erased forever beneath the waves
and you left no wake or trace of gloss
cynically drowning into your pride

Today you cast down and I don’t care
what awaits you are streaks of steam
because your name is not written
under any of my silvery stars

Today you vanish forever
covered with your word made tin
to leave nothing, taking nothing
tail of straw, and in truth, I don’t care


“….and the egret became a blurred image against my sunset!”
Hoy té has cubierto el rostro
en un penacho de orgullo gris
para disimular sin amarguras
las transfiguraciones de tu alma

Hoy té marchas así como tus huellas
borradas para siempre entre las olas
y no dejaste estela ni rastros de brillo
ahogándote cínicamente en tu orgullo

Hoy té acongojas y no me importa
lo que te espera son trazos de vapor
porque tu nombre no esta escrito
bajo ninguna de mis estrellas plateadas

Hoy té desvaneces para siempre
cubierta de tu palabra hecha hojalata
para dejar nada, tomando nada
rabo de paja, y en verdad, no me importa


“… y la garza se convirtió en imagen borrosa en contraste a mi atardecer!”

Gavriel Navarro© 2013
The Egret

5 thoughts on “I don’t care / No me importa

  1. juliamarie33 says:

    I so love the title “I don’t care”
    Beautifully written G!

  2. Beautiful but ever so sad when one learns a truth that requires a goodbye … So beautifully sad … Sheri

    • I wrote this poem because of the death of a political monster that many want to make a martyr but in reality he was a tyrant. His name was Hugo Chavez and When I left Venezuela actually I suffered first hand from his government and lost nearly everything. I am not political nor like to talk about politics but I certainly wanted to get out of my system how I felt when I heard the news dear Sheri! Thank you for seeing the beauty within this poem! 🙂

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