What has to be…. / Lo que tiene que ser…

This has to be the life of the thinker;
having believed in a painting, now gray
lost in the vastness of a brief ocean
disagreeing about the laxity of its integrity

This has to be the life of a lover;
To remember and touch, feel the brevity,
of believing blindly in love, that without colors
inside his young chest, is still throbbing.

This has to be the life of Noble;
In the flash of all that intrigues in life
bravely resisted all unjust and cowardly,
forgiving the thorns of the roses.

This has to be the life of whom resists
and thinks in a clear and sunny tomorrow,
lover of the brevity of existence, which
the nobility of the Universe relegated him …
Esta ha de ser la vida del que piensa;
El haber creído en una pintura ahora gris
perdida en la inmensidad de un océano fugaz
que discrepa sobre la laxitud de su integridad.

Esta ha de ser la vida de un amante;
Poder recordar y tocar; sentir la brevedad
de creer a ciegas en el amor, que sin colores
dentro de su pecho joven, todavía palpita.

Esta ha de ser la vida del Noble;
En lo fugaz de todo lo que intriga en la vida
resiste con valor todo lo injusto y lo cobarde,
perdonándole las espinas a las rosas.

Esta ha de ser la vida de quien resiste
y piensa en un mañana claro y soleado,
amante de la brevedad de la existencia
que la nobleza del Universo le relegó…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013
Lo que se es

5 thoughts on “What has to be…. / Lo que tiene que ser…

  1. Gav, to forgive the thorns of the roses is no small thing. Truly it is the act of one who is noble. Much love I send to you my Gavriel.

  2. Mikels Skele says:

    All those things seem so difficult, but only if you try. Stop trying, and they come naturally, no?

  3. The Soul of Alma says:

    When we dare to get so close to the rose to even touch, and to risk being pricked ~ the blood it draws reminds us we are mortal for this very brief period of being contained human vessel–to eventually ascend to an eternal life ~ the search continues for our soul love(s), yet they are with us eternally– always in the everlasting. Bravo dear Gavriel ~ a brilliant poem you share here…<3

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