A Unique Rose / Una Rosa Singular

Sow a rose today
and forget about her …

If she is born shade and soil
do not look for her at dawn
nor pick up her perfume
being succinct as you cry.

If she is born light and dew
you will find her tomorrow
eclipsing the sun in her luster
forging a new universe.

Collect tomorrow a rose
And let her be beacon of the world…
Siembra hoy una rosa
y olvídate de ella…

Si nace sombra y tierra
no la busques en la aurora
ni recojas su perfume
siendo breve mientras lloras.

Si nace luz y rocío
mañana la encontraras
eclipsando al sol en su brillo
forjando un nuevo universo.

Recoje mañana una rosa
y déjala que sea faro del mundo…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013
A Unique Rose

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