Contours / Contornos

At the impending beginning
of a new absence,
Your body still echoed
fresh in my hands,
dispersed between two
invisible voices, in the infinite
intimacy of white sheets,
harboring traces of your scent.
At the very edge of nothingness
I was flooded of your transparency,
with the certainty of return,
at the eve of starting
again, another anthology
drenched in your contours…
Al comienzo inminente
de una nueva ausencia,
Tu cuerpo todavía resonaba
fresco entre mis manos,
disperso entre dos voces
invisibles, en la intimidad
infinita de sabanas blancas,
albergando trazos de tu aroma.
Al mismo borde de la nada
me inundo tu transparencia,
con la certeza del retorno,
a la víspera de comenzar
de nuevo, otro florilegio
empapado de tus contornos…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

5 thoughts on “Contours / Contornos

  1. fascinating once again… 😛

  2. Exceptional-I am hooked.

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