Aubade / Alborada

Diurnal and alternate
diaphanous and taciturn,
you walk on tiles
in the golden shores.

Petrified into the sky
red and cold,
as I watch
and you grow,
beyond the morning
in vacant lots,
giving rise to life;

waking from dreams
where you ride the heavens
without feeling the vertigo…
Diurno y alterno
diáfano y taciturno,
vas paseando sobre tejas
en las costas doradas.

Petrificado en el cielo
rojo y frio,
mientras miro
y te creces,
mas allá de la mañana
en espacios baldíos,
dando lugar a la vida;

Sin sombras,
despertando entre sueños
en donde cabalgas el firmamento
sin sentir el vértigo…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

6 thoughts on “Aubade / Alborada

  1. When I rise to the heavens in the light of life, I sense perfect direction. Whether while I am dreaming or when I’m awake I rise in perfect awareness.

  2. To be aware is the true pathway to KnoWing.. 😉

  3. aubade: a lyric piece suggesting morning. A new word whose meaning dawned first through the quality of light in your poem.

  4. The juxtaposition of contrasting imagery creates a necessary conflict.

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