Alone / Solo

I came into this world alone
naked, homeless…
Solitary in the light,
alone in the dark
lurking the shadows,
Cuz everyone lives alone!
Alone with himself,
Alone in his shell,
solitary as the boat
pioneering a vast ocean;
Sometimes accompanied
at times, in the leisure,
sometimes long periods
and others less so,
but always alone inside,
alone to my destination,
lost in my fears
because nobody hears
the void that shuts me,
alone until the hereafter…
Yo vine solo a este mundo
desnudo, sin abrigo…
Solitario de la luz,
solo en la penumbra
acechando entre las sombras
¡Porque cada quien vive solo!
solo consigo mismo,
solo en su concha,
solitario como un barco
pionero del vasto océano;
A veces acompañado
a ratos, en el ocio,
a veces ratos largos
y otras veces no tanto,
pero siempre solo por dentro,
solo hasta mi destino,
perdido en mis temores
porque nadie me oye,
solitario hasta el mas allá…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

...Alone in the park...

…Alone in the park…

8 thoughts on “Alone / Solo

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    mother’s always calling from the void, u’r never alone. elegant poetry u are. ♥

  2. You are never alone because you are a part of the one. And so am I, so we can perhaps be alone together…

  3. understand says:

    keep faith baby boy you will be with someone when you least need it and enjoy to be alone. You will get something that won’t disturb your loneliness. Like air, water, light

    • thank you for your comment! I do not seek what the universe provides plenty. I enjoy the times I am simply being and Alone is one of them…

      • understand says:

        “something like”… are not “something such as” 😀 btw the common quality of air water and light are not just “plenty” but also “must and quiet”. whenever you “seek” or not, you will meet. I know! :)))

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