The Wanderer / El Vagabundo

I wander the world
planting poems;
words of love
full of my soul.

Wanderer poet
your lips are spread;
moving unintentional
motionless in your verses.

Rolling without wheels;
Flying without wings;
Words given to migrate
after your sorrows.

And if someone asks me
what I came to do in this world,
I came to plant poems
with words for the soul…
Vague por el mundo
sembrando poesías;
Palabras de amor
llenas del alma mía.

Poeta vagabundo
de labios dispersos;
me muevo sin querer
inmóvil en mis versos

Rodando sin ruedas;
volando sin alas;
palabras dadas a migrar
detrás de mis penas.

y si alguien me pregunta
que vine a hacer a este mundo
vine a sembrar poemas
con palabras para el alma…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

Photo by Gizmodo

Photo by Gizmodo

7 thoughts on “The Wanderer / El Vagabundo

  1. Ah! And what words they are.

  2. And plant them deep you do precious…

  3. Just wonderful.. 🙂

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