Alma Mácula / Taint Soul

Exasperated by the diatribe of erudition
I began to speculate, strictly calmed
in a sarcastic word of the poetic treasury,
always from the litany of an archetype
gaunt and decrepit nearby ostracism
the more I looked for the perfect erudition
and made of this limbic space a necessity
uniting all my effort into the bio-quantum
toiled into plating the smaller inner voices
of the rather furtive Self, godlike dweller of heaven,
determined to paint the sky with black letters
infamous but constant turned in the abstract
despite my visage, unexpected and incipient
fetched in the confines of the twilight of knowing …
Exasperado por la diatriba de la erudición
comencé a conjeturar, estrictamente calmo
en una palabra sarcástica del erario poético,
siempre desde la letanía de un arquetipo
enjuto y decrépito cercano al ostracismo
mientras mas buscaba la erudición perfecta
e hice de este espacio límbico un menester
aunando todo mi esfuerzo en el bioquantum
afanado en argentar las diminutas voces internas
y un tanto furtivas del Yo celícola y deiforme,
empecinado en pintar el cielo con letras negras
infausto pero constante, devenido abstracto
a pesar de mi semblante inopinado e insipiente
rebuscado en los confines del crepúsculo del saber…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

The soul is likes a water candle...

The soul is likes a water candle…

2 thoughts on “Alma Mácula / Taint Soul

  1. Poems that push through rings of perception (our own, the only ones that matter) require a tremendous pulling in before they can thrust out into the world. This feels to me like one of those poems, Gavriel. It’s wonderful!

    • I took my time with this for a few days, and spent a day only with the translation trying to keep as close and accurate as possible. You are completely right dear Elaine with one small detail, this poem exploded out into the world from a Myriad! 🙂

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