The Joy of Your Bench

Like every bit of joy the life we shared
in that bench we plotted revolutions
within delusional costumes in allusion
to the countless occasions we use to part.

And we departed into timeless journeys
of light and dark, of calm and excitement
to rescue damsels within dragon’s distress
or the grumpy old men stuck in doggerel.

We did great and will continue to do so
at least that blue Unicorn was right about
crossroads anew waiting to the next encounter

And many more time travels to conclude
in this timeless labyrinth where light is a luxury
from us who were and we knew it not…

Gavriel Navarro© 2013

Photo by: Keess Mans

Bench with sea view
Photo by: Keess Mans

Bench with sea view
Photo by: Keess Mans

7 thoughts on “The Joy of Your Bench

  1. The plotting of revolutions from here to eternity, Gavriel–viva la vida!

  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Only empty benches are useful to rest along your journey, otherwise keep moving forever onward… liberated spirits are we.

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