Illusions or delusions? The Light Stokers

We live this duality of the Self and the Shell. Body is an illusion that we tend to enjoy, yet at times weights an entire world…this leads to the most amazing situations in our path. We can’t scape the synchronicity of the Universe, so we see those perceptions from fear…

We fear feelings, we fear emotions and that doesn’t allow us to see clearly our own path nor properly embrace and interpret what we clearly perceive. One day perhaps we’ll be ready to fully embrace that gift and detach from this illusion….

The laws of the Universe are indeed simple but we make them look complex….

The Light Stokers 

Forge of indigo minds in a limbo,
So much confusion of light from all directions,
Awakening from the root, uprooted from their origins,
A time is rising made of all things. 

Muddy swirl gathered from storms,
Never mind, everyone is looking for truth

Following a path that leads away from everything,

Sinking deeper into their darkness.

Answers without reason shine exalted
And a hungry crowd was drowned in gluttony,
As the wind was making with illuminated leaves,
Heading off anguish, fear and torment…

With eyes open in the duality of dew and time,
Caught on the foliage of hawthorns and dungs,
Always lurking for all that is brilliant but is not gold,
As their souls seek some redemption…

Always hunting an endless spiral,
Stokers of an extinguished light since the ancients,
Ensuring the renaissance of the Originals,
Thirsty in their essence for they are true!

Gavriel Navarro© 2011