Bell crickets at the toilet

I went to have dinner on my favorite sushi restaurant here in Yokohama. I must admit I am still drunk, however I want to share with you a short story. When I got in I was received by the sweet sound of nature. The music was spiced by the harmonious chanting of Bell crickets all alone. I had a wondrous dinner and a great deal of sake, still that sound was bringing back to my head great memories of my past, in the time I spent in the Amazons….funny thing is, when I went to the toilet the sound was amplified by a thousand and I kind of freak out and ask my friend Wataru san, who is the son of the owner, what was wrong. He replayed to me in his gentle Japanese “Suzumushi!” I could only give him a bewildered face in awe, and the rest came from my phone translator telling me “Bell Crickets” and this video of what Wataru showed me at the toilet!
Please notice that I really enjoyed this experience as I had a wonderful dinner with the sounds of Stillness!

4 thoughts on “Bell crickets at the toilet

  1. kim tooley says:

    It’s good to take time to hear the sounds of nature.

  2. lol great experiece

  3. Barbara WÜHR says:

    Oh amazing … I adore this article with the sound of crickets and your “laughter”…very funny indeed the crickets in the toilet… and now I know that you use a “phone translator”… but the language of crickets is the same everywhere… (even here in Montpellier/South FRANCE) it’s summertime and when sun is shining the crickets are looking for their females …hihihi… Awful… you are not a criket Gavriel, you could have found HER in the toilet…LOL … Sleep well sweet heart… and make me laugh still another day… Hugs from Barbie

  4. Julia says:

    Ha ha ha funnies G! There You are : )

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