Bell crickets at the toilet

I went to have dinner on my favorite sushi restaurant here in Yokohama. I must admit I am still drunk, however I want to share with you a short story. When I got in I was received by the sweet sound of nature. The music was spiced by the harmonious chanting of Bell crickets all alone. I had a wondrous dinner and a great deal of sake, still that sound was bringing back to my head great memories of my past, in the time I spent in the Amazons….funny thing is, when I went to the toilet the sound was amplified by a thousand and I kind of freak out and ask my friend Wataru san, who is the son of the owner, what was wrong. He replayed to me in his gentle Japanese “Suzumushi!” I could only give him a bewildered face in awe, and the rest came from my phone translator telling me “Bell Crickets” and this video of what Wataru showed me at the toilet!
Please notice that I really enjoyed this experience as I had a wonderful dinner with the sounds of Stillness!

Welcome to my world!

I had always ask to myself countless questions, regardless they do or not have an answer. One of them I ask daily is: “Why do I write?” Well, I do not seek to answer that but I assure you, when I do I usually get in a trance like state of mind and tap into a place where light is dim and twilight is queen. I do not question nor runaway from that place anymore. I am comfortable there in stillness, peace and joy. I created this blog with the intention to share with all whom decide to follow, a window into my books, my poetry, my photography, my videos and my music…..

Keep well